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Why Photography?

At 7 years old, I bought a 110 speed film camera for $3 at a flea market and pronounced, "I'm going to travel the world and take photos when I grow up!"

And now that is exactly what I do.


You have a strange mix of specialties.

Wildlife, nature, and music. It sounds like a strange combination of subjects, but all comes down to capturing the emotions and feelings of a place. 


I've been lucky enough to visit 4 continents so far, and prefer to travel slow and learn about a place and the people that live there.  I love capturing the beauty of local wildlife and landscapes, but also have a strong pull towards experiencing local music and the people that make it.  I often find the spots to photograph landscapes and wildlife, by going to a local music show and talking with the musicians and audience. 


Always listen to those that live there.  They always know the best spots. 


Giving back was instilled in me as a child by my parents.  You always have something you can do to help someone less fortunate. 


This is why I #GIVE50.  50% of all profits from sales of my photos (and sales of upcoming photo-based items - stay tuned) will be donated to wildlife and conservation efforts.  Sign up for my newsletter to get updates on which charities I'll be giving to.


Along with this, I make all my photos available for personal and teaching use under the CC-BY-NC license.  


For commercial needs, you can buy directly through the website, or use the contact form to discuss specific needs. 

I'm available for hire for tourism and NGO needs. 

Come in. Get inspired.